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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

: )

We finally got our snow.  This was taken in the morning when there wasn't much.  It was warm and sticky and we were outside playing for a long time.

Since then, we've got quite a dump!  FUN

Happy Sunday!

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Friday Finish!

Whew - it's done!  Commission complete.  This is the view from the Meota Highway, loooking across Jackfish Lake, Saskatchewan.

I just sent a photo to the woman who will be the new owner to see what she thinks.  She lives at this lake, so it's a personal piece for her.  It's quite big - will be in a 14x14" frame.  Much of the surface is done with sewing thread by hand.  All the pale stitches in the fields are hand work, and of course the flowers, grasses & fence wires in the foreground are as well.

s usual... I don't have a title yet.  'From Old Meota Road' ... that has a certain ring to it.  This new threadpainting will go the framing studio next week.  Hooray!  It sure feels good to get things done. : )

Just to make note - I'll be selling my wares at a local Christmas Art & Craft sale in Saskatoon on Saturday November 29th.  Keep posted and I'll share the details once I have them.

Have a great weekend friends,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's All In Progress

Today I am finishing up the first big commission.  It's the view over Jackfish Lake from the little Meota highway.  This is a retirement gift, 8x8" that will be framed to 14x14".

There's a lot of hand work in it to get the shading I need.  I still need to add some foreground and fence wires by hand.  It's getting there though.  The 'ugly' phase seems to have passed.

Also - I realize I haven't posted good, full images of my home studio.  Here is one from the entry room...

It's the room of my dreams.  It's still a wrok in progress. We have window casings and entry room baseboards to add still.  But isn't the light terrific for a basement!?

The room is 24ft long by 13ft wide.  At the back there behind the shelf wall at the right, there is a bathroom.  It's awesome.  The far back door leads to the furnace room and storage.  The entry room on the left is the bottom of the stairs, and has chairs and a table for food breaks when I'm teaching.  There are 3 big banquet tables for the classroom.

By request - here is a couple 'before' images of my space!  (EW)

What else is in the works...  Right now I'm planning another threadpainting class which is full already.  We just have to juggle a time.

Oh !  I have a good friend who is heading toward a career in sexuality & health for women.  She found images of colourful embroidered vulvas in little hoops on the net and wants to have a stitching night - women only.  I'm giggling but fully embarrassed at the same time.  I wasn't even sure if I should blog it (oh what a prude I am).  But after I told her about all the rich batiks fabrics I have and the amazing fibres and embroidery threads, her excitement for this class was contagious.  So - we have a date set. She wants to hang her finished pieces as ornaments on her tree!  : ) I already told her she doesn't need to pay a class fee, but she had better bring wine!  lol

What do you think about that!?

And... I have some interest in a silk ribbon class.  I'll try to figure that one out too.  I have loads and loads of ribbon.  I'd love to get back doing that again.  I would have a couple spaces available there (Saskatoon, SK Canada).  It would be daytime and you can email if interested Monika@MySweetPrairie .ca

In progress - pretty much everything!  Linking to WIP Wednesday at TN&TN.

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