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Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Finish - Just in a Nick of Time ; )

That's a funny phrase before Christmas - just in a Nick of time.  Anyone know where that comes from or what it really pertains to?

Well, I did it!  I finished my last commission for 2014, as promised.  This was no easy task.  It's a big one full of hand work; a remake of From Humble Beginnings.  A client asked for her own version of it.  I said yes... and later I really wondered how on earth I would create that building again!?  But I did it!  It worked and I am breathing a happy sigh of relief.

commission for the building on Bergheim road

I made the first version of this just before my Winnipeg show 2 years ago.  One of my favourite people in the world owns it.  It was very satisfying to recreate it.  It's a little different from the first in both the sky and the foliage.  The first version has a darker foreground.  This one has a brighter foreground.  Of course, I added those fat honey bees that were hanging off the alfalfa where I was kneeling down for the photo.  ; )

Now to email her the final results, and then I can ship it to her on Monday.  I hope she loves it.

Happy Winter Holidays everyone!  
See you on the flipside.

Home for the Holidays

They're home!  Back in my arms... and looking lovely on those purple walls I might add!

Where Sunlight Falls, 2014 (2nd place award... it's my favourite)

All three pieces from the Prairies show were returned safely by mail to me today.  My kids came downstairs with boxes - For you mom!  For you mom!  For you mom!  ; )  Awesome.  Everything was frozen cold, but in perfect condition.  That was surprising for how much this show traveled.  I am very appreciative to the organizers for taking such good care.  I always seem to get things back from other events with some wear & tear or matting that needs to be replaced from people's hands.  That's never fun.  But this time?  Awesome. 

Also, in one box was this

To whomever made the front of this one, thank you also for all those beautiful hand stitching!  I love that the awards were fibre art as well.  That is really wonderful.

the new one on the right - Viewer's Choice

For now, these ribbons are up on my design wall.  I need to definitely do something special with them.  They are home for the holidays.  Just in time - our celebration is Sunday.  We will having out turkey dinner and then opening gifts right after to celebrate the Solstice.  The next morning, we have plans to head out to enjoy the first sunrise of the season, and celebrate that the daylight hours grow longer.  Did you know I've been photographing the winter solstice sunrise for almost 20 years now?  I love the tradition.  Thank goodness this winter has been so mild.

The last but not least thing I got in the mail was this.

I didn't join her latest swap.  I felt I didn't have time to complete cards for it in time.  She still sent me one!  Brandy, that is SO sweet.

I should mention that when I had the draw for the digital subscriptions to Quilter's Connection Magazine a couple weeks ago, one of the winners chosen was not linked to an email.  Try as I might, I cannot find contact information and they haven't replied from when I announced their name on the winning post.  SO.  Here's your chance...  without announcing another giveaway, go ahead and leave a comment if you are interested in a digital subscription.  To enter, tell me what your favourite holiday food is.  Mine is cranberry sauce.  mmmmmmmm  I'll pick a winner by Sunday morning.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Some of My Favourite Colours

Look at all these yummy yarn colours!  They photograph so well on the black tablecloth.

I've been craving to do an entire piece with seed stitches, much like 'Where Sunlight Falls'.  This time I will just play around and experiment... see where it takes me.  I'm enjoying the layers and it's beginning (of course) to resemble a landscape.

I'm loving this process.  It's like dipping a brush into several paints and watching the colours all swirl as they are laid down on the canvas.  : )  It reminds me a bit of rug hooking: popping up colours and seeing what you get as you go along.

That's my work in progress.  I stitched all night and then again since 6 am.  I can hear my littlest one up, waiting for breakfast.  I should run!  See you soon,

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