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* * * ArtWalk Weyburn SK - My art for sale at the Investors Group offices for July & August as part of a summer-long Fibre Art showcase & walking tour put together by Jaynie Himsl. I'm also part of Join the Thread at Signal Hill beginning July 2
* * * Dimensions 2015 - MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina SK, now until August 16th, 2015. A selection of Saskatchewan Fine Craft juried by June Jacobs & Tom McFall. (Prairie City is part of this touring exhibition)

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Driving home from Regina on a hot day in June...

DOWNPOUR!  This is me, pulled over because it was SO heavy that there was zero visibility and my vehicle was hydroplaning.  My camera is set on sports mode so you can see past the rain as it holds still in the air.  The image was also brightened so you can see as well.  IT WAS CRAZY.  (The cows just stood there and waited - see them on the right?)

I took several atttempts to get back on the road, thinking it lightened up but it did not.  LOTS of cars, trucks, and motorbikes were pulling off the highway onto sideroads to wait it out.

Finally I got my nerve and tried again.  We were under one big black thunderhead.  I drove for 30 seconds and was entirely out of it!  : )

THEN I had to pull over again to a side road to smell the flowers.  : )  Lush - and there were every colour.


 These were particularly lovely.

Up close in the sunshine.

I don't even think they got watered at all.  : )  Crazy weather.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Finished it Friday

WHEW.  It has been a busy week.  I'm just putting my feet up now.  My show is up in Weyburn as you know (sorry I keep posting this).  The whole event begins July 2.  We have lots of photos on Facebook.

I'm pretty happy at how great they look on the walls.  I was worried when they tried to describe the colour over the phone.  : )  There are four more threadpaintings around the corner as well.  A BIG THANK YOU to Investors Group for having my work up on your walls.  I really appreciate it!

After more yarn bombing into the night and the next morning, I said farewell to Jaynie and hit the road.  *Jaynie - if you are reading this, THANK YOU - I had such a wonderful time with you.*

From there I drove to Regina and stopped in at the Mackenzie!

I got free sparking under the shade of a big tree.  MAN IS IT HOT LATELY!!

My first stop was the gift shop.  They took in all my new Prairie Modern postcards to sell!  That's exciting.  They have three various sizes of Threadpaintings there in a group, with my postcards displayed below.  (One large canola field piece, Two in the Bush with the chickadees, and soft late summer version of Home from the Lake are available there.)  I also handed over 25 art print blank greeting cards of works I have sold.  Those will go along with the display as well.  AWESOME.

@ the MacKenzie Art Gallery Shop in Regina 

A couple have sold, but ten are there in the shop.  It feels good to have all these places stocked for the summer!  : )

Then I ventured upstairs...

It's been 2 years since I was there to see Dimensions 2013.  This time I got to see Dimensions 2015.

Through some rooms and down a hall... there it was!

It's a long, long, long gallery space.  Prairie City is about half way down.  There are some amazing pieces this show!  : )  I am surprised how different it feels from the last one.  Oh and the catalogue is just gorgeous.  I hope you get to see the show.  It's travelling for 2 years, and I believe Whitehorse, Yukon is the next destination in the fall!  : )

I'm so glad I stopped in at the MacKenzie Gallery.  I got back to Saskatoon only to find an email waiting that another threadpainting sold at the Craft Council Boutique.  WOW.  Thank you thank you!   I am taking tomorrow OFF - and then I'll get back on it.  How wonderful!

See you soon,

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Things I Love Thursday

I really didn't know I would, but it turns out I love to yarn bomb!  I've led some 'bombing' activities in the past (remember my bicycle, the shopping cart, and the Children's Discovery Museum?) but I have never done an installation myself.

...that is, until I went to Weyburn.

I arrived to hang my art as part of the ArtWalk events.  Jaynie Himsl (fibre artist) is organizing the whole thing.  She put a ladder in my van, brought along a couple bags of yarn & thrift store remnants, and informed me that we'll be yarn bombing the downtown tonight.  HA!  I was like, okay. (!?)

It was fun!  We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  It seems the more we did, the more creative we got.  We worked until it was too dark to see, then headed back to her place where we prepared some more pieces for the next morning.

I am loving this!  The coolest thing about what we did was that most of it MOVES.  One tree is covered in tassles and just the slightest breeze has it waving at you as you walk by.  SO LOVELY!!!

*Jaynie would like folks to know that anyone can pitch in with this decorating.  It will be removed at the end of August.
*I would like you to know that with the heat and lack of rain, these installations dry FAST and the trees won't be harmed.

Monika  late night selfie with Jaynie outside Investors Group

p.s.  We decorated four trees, 2 bike lock stands, and one post while we were there.  I love it!  We even managed to get noticed by a reporter.  (**You can read it here: Linked)

Happy Thursday!

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