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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Inside Scoop

I'm working on the last big commission right now, which is so relieving!  I am putting together a lot of little things for the Saturday Christmas Sale at Creative House as well.  I am feeling pretty productive this week.  It's the horrible icy roads!  I'm stuck until the winter tires get put on.

I've been finishing the hand work with heavier sewing threads.  These are 12 weights.  Aurifil makes them.  Wonderfil does also.  Regular sewing thread is 30 to 50 weight.  These are much fatter and work well in place of 2 strands of DMC floss.  They come on tangle-free spools/  Pictured above are the Wonderfil variegated 12 weight cottons.

I love to use sharp embroidery scissors with a CURVE only.  I can clip nice and close to my work.  Anytime I use straight embroidery snips, I poke or accidentally snip surrounding work & threads.  I don't want that!  So curved it is.  The above snips are Singer brand, but cuticle scissors do the same fine job.

So the floor stand...  lots of you ask about it.  I bought this stand at Michaels.  I think it was under $30.  It's made by Frank A. Edmunds Co.  It comes in a little pink box, and you put it all together on your own.   It's full of adjustable joints, so it will nicely hold your work for you whether you are on the floor, sitting back on the sofa, or up in your favourite sewing chair.  I love it.  It's likely made for holding framed or hoops, but this works for me.  My embroideries are heavily stabilized and since they are square, I find it odd to use a hoop.  Plus - hands free embroidery means much easier knotwork.  Incidentally, I put the screw posts upside down on purpose.  When I stitch, my threads were getting caught on them as they are sooo long (see them poking up?).  This way, they make great threadspool holders also.

'Universal Craft Stand' - image from online catalogue

The other question - 'isn't is painful to stitch through such touch fabrics?'  Yes - if you are using the wrong needle.  With a sharp needle of the right size, it's not a big deal.  With the wrong needle, it's a nightmare.

Okay - back to stitching.  Talk soon!  : )

Monday, November 24, 2014

POP UP Christmas Craft Sale

Surprise!  I'll be joining in on the festivities and Christmas Sale that is being put on by Creative House THIS SATURDAY in Saskatoon!  I'll have some stitched art, snowglobes with mini fibre art landscapes in them, and greeting cards with printed threadpaintings as well.  My postcards are available only at the SK Craft Council Boutique on Broadway fyi - so I won't have any at this sale.

It's been a while since I've hung out with George and Wendy.  I'm really looking forward to it.  They always put on a warm gathering.  The sellers will each have a table in the classroom area up front.  As far as I know, the store's full Wonderfil Thread line will be available for sale as well.

Baby's Breath in the Snow, 2014

* Please note that because this is the same day as the Spinners & Weavers sale on Clarence, I will be ducking out by 4 pm because I just have to go there too!  Maybe we'll see you!  Please stop by Creative House for some crafts, art and refreshments.  : )

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

: )

We finally got our snow.  This was taken in the morning when there wasn't much.  It was warm and sticky and we were outside playing for a long time.

Since then, we've got quite a dump!  FUN

Happy Sunday!
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